Next Generation mLearning

Simple, Streamlined, Unified.

Capillary is a next generation framework for integrating workflow and performance support in the mobile era.

SuperLogix focuses on leveraging our expertise in being the staffing and custom application development resource for the financial industry. We aim to provide cutting-edge technology and staffing solutions for adding value to the financial industry. SuperLogix combines a good understanding of the financial marketplace focusing on providing cost-effective solutions. We have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have engaged with leading financial institutions who provide their services directly to our clients and at the same time guide our engineers and IT professionals in understanding the issues facing the financial industry and help implement practical, low cost solutions. Our SMEs also drive our knowledge capital and thought leadership.

Attracting and retaining more profitable customers is a big part of your success. So is operating effectively and making sure your resources are being utilized to their fullest.

SuperLogix combines proven technology from the world leader in software – Microsoft – with world class business consulting to help you maximize your existing business and grow client relationships.

SuperLogix has expertise and consultancy focus in the following areas:

The primary reason businesses are choosing SaaS is not because of cost savings, but because they see business growth as more important.

Customers are more interested in using business software applications to grow their business and that’s what they expect your SaaS offers to do for them,” said Stadtmueller. The top IT-related concerns for businesses driving this growth include:

  • Custom Application and Reporting Services
  • Secure Messaging Services
  • Customer Information Systems
  • Clearing and Settlement Solutions
  • Insurance Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Payment Services
  • Access consolidated information across multiple existing systems
  • Deploy more effective, targeted sales and marketing efforts to grow your base of loyal, profitable customers
  • Uncover and proactively respond to unfilled customer needs, especially when they’re hidden across accounts or touch-points
  • Implement and measure the right relationship building activities throughout your business, with reporting and analysis tools to assess effectiveness and results
  • Streamline work flow by designing custom views of business information and by automating repetitive tasks
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office and Outlook, allowing users the continuity of familiar tools