Next Generation mLearning

Simple, Streamlined, Unified.

Capillary is a next generation framework for integrating workflow and performance support in the mobile era.
Our Focus:

We help small to mid-tier businesses with practical technology solutions. Because of this focus, we have earned a reputation for helping them get better at what they do by taking advantage of the right technology for their business. Whatever objective you are trying to meet with technology, we have the expertise and structured methodology to help you meet those goals

Web 2.0

In recent years, a shift has taken place in how Internet applications are perceived and used. With Web 2.0, user expectations have been re-oriented towards a greater focus on community-based, participation oriented, social networks. Rich interfaces have made possible by a set of technologies that comprise AJAX. With these tools, enterprises can now cost-effectively deploy highly usable, desktop-like applications on a broad scale. Modular, flexible architectures enabled by “service oriented architectures” have created opportunities for achieving software development objectives for rapid assembly and reuse. Businesses can now employ the Internet as a viable applications development platform.

A Customer-driven Approach

The needs of our customers determine everything we do. We believe that customer satisfaction is the largest single factor in driving our customer loyalty, market share and overall business success. As a market leader in innovation, we offer consistent, new and better approaches based on customer needs. We use internal operational metrics, external benchmarking and customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction and are committed to turning this feedback into improvements that drive even greater levels of performance and satisfaction

  • - Ease of access for remote users
  • - Speed to deploy applications or onboard new users
  • - Support of LoB decisions regarding software
Quality that exceeds customer expectations

We realize that simply ensuring product quality is not good enough to differentiate a company in the EMS industry. We need to exceed customer expectations with highest quality levels. Driving the success of our customers’ products in the marketplace.

We foster an environment where collaboration drives innovation. Our technology focus provides our customers with innovative solutions that make their products more competitive. Our internal research and development initiatives, active participation in industry consortia, manufacturing capability, and process management and control have secured our reputation as a true technology leader.