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At SuperLogix, employees are the source of our energy. Keeping that energy source healthy is why we continuously strive to maintain a competitive benefits package that is superior to other companies in our industry.With the beliefs that our employees are our most valuable assets and that a well rounded benefits program is an extremely important part of any employment relationship SuperLogix has assembled a comprehensive benefits package that allows us to recruit and retain the most highly trained and talented professionals in the industry. We know our continued success depends on the satisfaction of our employees, so our HR team works diligently to ensure we offer not only a quality benefits program but a program that works for our employees.

SuperLogix Employee Benefit Highlights

  • Medical,
  • Dental & Vision
  • SuperLogix’s health care plan is designed to provide flexible, affordable, and comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care as well as prescription coverage for our employees and their entire family.
Paid Time Off / Holidays

SuperLogix respects employees’ diversified needs for time away from work. In addition to Paid Holidays, SuperLogix employees are eligible for PTO (vacation & personal days) to use for time needed away from work. The amount of vacation accrual is dependent upon an employee’s length of service with SuperLogix.

Referral Program

Referral of new candidates and positions has provided SuperLogix with outstanding, new talent to grow. To enhance and continue this preferred resource, SuperLogix offers a referral bonus to employees who refer candidates and positions.

Education Assistance Program

SuperLogix supports the professional growth of its employees and encourages them to participate in educational opportunities provided by various colleges and/or universities to buy books/software and attend seminars and training programs. This benefit also reinforces SuperLogix’s belief of fostering a learning environment to help employees enhance their existing skills or acquire new expertise in a different “hot skill” area.

Relocation Assistance

SuperLogix’s relocation policy is applicable to full-time, salaried employees only and is intended to provide assistance to employees when they must move from one client location to another for business reasons. Employees should contact Human Resources to get more details before incurring any expenses. All reimbursements/payments related to relocation will need prior written approval from Human Resources.

U.S. Permanent Residency Sponsorship

SuperLogix will sponsor U.S. permanent residency (green card) of foreign nationals (EB2 and EB3) subject to an employee meeting the eligibility criteria as outlined by governmental regulations and company guidelines.