Next Generation mLearning

Simple, Streamlined, Unified.

Capillary is a next generation framework for integrating workflow and performance support in the mobile era.

SuperLogix’s tag-line ‘Passion for Technology’ indicates its commitment to adopt the cutting edge technology, We perceive technology as an instrument to help businesses. Technology in itself is not the end, technology is useful only if it helps businesses in improving or growing or sustaining.

coming from the core of the technology background, SuperLogix’s team members are not just a bunch of techie guys, we are the group of talented individuals who understand the technology, its capabilities and can advice our clients on how, which and where technology should be used to get the maximum business value

Our Technology consulting services includes
  • Solution architecture consulting
  • Portal development consulting
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery consulting
  • e-Business consulting
  • Product development consulting

SuperLogix engineers and professionals utilize a strong understanding of business challenges and comprehensive IT expertise to help businesses embrace the potential of IT. With more than 15 years of experience, multiple IT certifications and ongoing training allowing them to stay on top of their game, our team has built a stellar reputation in the Silicon Valley as IT experts dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of IT.


Our team is backed with extensive experience implementing technologies used in businesses worldwide, with emphasis on Microsoft solutions. Our team has demonstrated the proficiencies of planning and implementing IT solutions that help companies grow or overcome common business challenges.


Our team guarantees to provide the best IT solution to meet your business and IT goals. All of our services and procedures are based on industry best practices to provide you a solution that will help foster the growth of your business.

Strategic Analysis:

Just because you can do something online does not mean that you should. Whether you are establishing an online presence for the first time or the tenth time – if you don’t understand the lay of the land – don’t know what is possible – don’t know what you should do – then you need to talk to us.

SuperLogix has been creating online strategies for companies around the globe for over a decade – which is just about as long as it’s been possible. Whether you are looking to build your first web solution or redesign an existing one,

Website Solutions:

SuperLogix does more than just create website solutions – we take the time to understand your business requirements. We collect information, initially in the form of a creative brief, to assemble a complete view of your needs which once in hand we can do what we do best: advise our clients on online strategy and execution.

  • - Conceptualization
  • - Planning
  • - Design
  • - Strategy
  • - Development
  • - Testing
  • - Launch
  • - Ongoing Maintenance

Your web solution can be a key business tool. We can assist you in creating a functional, visually stunning solution that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Be it a full project scope or an element that you need to outsource, let us help you with your next website solution.

Content Management:

Building a web site involves balancing many elements including design, taxonomy, internal graphic elements and of course site content. The creation of a site is a complex and far more involved juggling act than many assume.

Content Management System tools, or CMS’s, enable a website site owner or editor to take ongoing charge of content changes of a single or multiple sites via an administrative interface through which they can create, edit, manage or publish content updates of the managed site. By design, content management systems help separates the visual design of your site from the content that exists within it.

With experience utilizing multiple CMS’s SuperLogix recommends two specific tools depending on the scope of your project – for mid-range solutions Kentico CMS, a .NET based tool which also facilitates W3C web standards, and SharePoint Web Content Management for enterprise level engagements.

CMS takes center stage on many of our web projects. We feel strongly that constructing a solution that is self-manageable is the most flexible approach for any client who may wish to change their content once the web solution is live, and to change that content without the ongoing need for a third party company.