Next Generation mLearning

Simple, Streamlined, Unified.

Capillary is a next generation framework for integrating workflow and performance support in the mobile era.
Software Integration

Software integration is a quick way to reduce the cost of doing business as well as the effort required to run a business. A company that applies business software integration will recognize an immediate return on investment and business cost savings because redundant business data is synchronized between two or more software systems or databases.

A business typically runs on two or more software systems that contain overlapping information. For example, accounting software and a customer management software CRM will share some of the same customer data such as customer contact information however the information in each business software must be maintained by a separate data entry process.

When customers think of standardization in their IT systems, they need a partner who is able to assess what basic infrastructure fits best to the business requirements. Skills and ability are needed to understand business objectives, transforming them into operating systems infrastructure solutions that deliver both performance and availability within time and budget constraints. The right operating system platform helps driving business and achieving goals by generating savings, simplifying processes and increasing productivity.

Microsoft Migration Services

An opportunity that includes professional services in the area of Integration, License Management, Migration, and High Availability for Windows based Servers, including strategic planning, business justification, project management and execution of desktop & server migrations.

Open Source Transformation Services

An opportunity that covers services like consulting, design, implementation, migration of Open Source environments. SuperLogix offers a platform independent migration expertise for any HW&SW with global coverage for the whole service value chain. The service solution comprises business justification, strategic planning, server – desktop – directory migration and implementation of samba, cluster, mail, web, database, directory, network servers.

Dynamic IT for Mission-Critical Microsoft Solutions

An opportunity, that covers the need to manage multiple “Windows workloads” (e.g. hosting) require solutions with flexible IT resources, fast provisioning and high availability. MS Windows optimized dynamic computing solution for standard “workloads” (e.g. Exchange, SAP) with automated serviceability for mission critical environments.